Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Where Is the Sound?

A young child's brain grows at a phenomenal rate in the early years of life opening windows of opportunity for learning that occurs only once in a lifetime.
These simple games will promote early brain development for Infants and toddlers.

Learning Objective – Auditory Development
Where Is the Sound?
The newest brain research says that musical experiences enhance the future ability to reason abstractly, particularly in the spatial domains.

Auditory awareness is something that comes with age and experience.
Playing games to heighten your baby’s hearing awareness will help wire her brain.

Take a wind-up musical toy and put it out of your baby’s sight.
Wind it up and ask her “where’s the music?”

When she turns to the sound, praise her generously.
Repeat this game in different parts of the room.

 If your baby is crawling, you can hide the music under a pillow or elsewhere so that she can crawl to the music.
Ideas to take this activity to the next level:
For building confidence:
Repeat the game several times and praise your baby.
For developing the idea: Put the musical toy at different levels: on a table, on a chair, on the floor, etc.
For moving forward: Put the toy next to the baby and clap hands and sing "la la la" to the music. 

Learning Objective – Practicing Language

Speak with your body
When babies learn new words, they like to repeat them over and over because they enjoy the sounds. Practicing speech patterns is a wonderful pre-reading experience.

Start with simple words like “moon.” Say it with your mouth several times,’

Say it in the evening so that you can point to the sky as you say it.
Say it with your hands  Clap your hands as you say the word.
Say it with your head. (move your head up and down to the word).
Say it with your feet - (stamp your feet to the word.)
Say it with your eyes -(blink your eyes to the word)
Play the same game with another word or words.

Ideas to take this activity to the next level:
For building confidence:
It's fun to say the words in different ways. Let's say the word and I will bounce you on my knee.
For developing the idea: Let's say a new word and clap our hands at the same time. Pick a name of a family member.
For moving forward: Tell me a word you would like to say with this game.

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