Thursday, December 22, 2011

Exploring Voice Sounds

Music for Learning

Learning Objectives – Exploring voice sounds

There are many sounds that you can make with your voice. I’ll make the sound first and then you copy me.

Tell the children what sound you are going to make.

Make the sound.

Ask the children to copy the sound.

Discuss where that sound is made.

Here is an example: whisper a few words and ask the children to copy you. Talk about whispering if someone is asleep.

Here are some other sounds to make:
Singing, whistling, hissing, coughing, crying, talking, breathing, sighing, humming , laughing and sneezing.

Things to do to take this activity to the next level:
For building confidence - What sounds do you like to make with your voice?

For developing the idea: Developing: Can you make a sad sound, a funny sound, or a singing sound?

For moving forward:  Could you teach someone at your house to make sounds? Who would that be?

Learning Objective – Learning Color Vocabulary
Each child needs a piece of paper and the following crayons: yellow, red, black and blue.

Sing the following songs to the children in the order that they appear here.

Sing one song at a time and ask them what color did they hear in the song.

Ask them to find that color crayon and draw something on their paper using that crayon.

Continue on with the next song.

Here is the order of the songs:
"Yellow Bird"
"Red Red Robin"
":Miss Mary Mack"
Skip to My Lou"
"Jennie Jenkins"

If you don’t know the song, go to and you can find the words and hear the music.

Things to do to take this activity to the next level:
For building confidence: The song "Skip to My Lou" has the names of two colors. What are they?

For developing the idea: Let’s sing some of these songs again.

For moving forward:  Let’s make up a song with color words in it.

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