Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Develop and Stimulate Sight!

Neurons for vision begin forming the first few months of life. Activities that stimulate a baby’s sight will insure good visual acuity.

Pretty Light
When infants look at moving objects, a neuron from his retina makes a connection to another neuron in his visual part of the brain. He is literally wiring his vision.
1. Cover a flashlight with colored plastic wrap.
2. Hold your baby in your arms and turn on the flashlight.
3. Move it back and forth and watch as he follows the light.
4. Talk to him as you move the light
Pretty light
Pretty light
See the pretty, pretty, light.
5. Babies love to do this and they are making important connections in the brain.

Follow the Action
1. Babies love to look at faces, especially faces of people they love.
2. Try different facial expressions and sounds to develop your baby’s vision and hearing.
3. Here are some ideas:
Sing a song and use big movements with your mouth.
Blink your eyes.
Stick out your tongue.
Make contortions with your mouth.
Make lip sounds.
Cough or yawn.

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