Monday, February 28, 2011

Infant Rhythm

Newborns possess a natural response to music through their conditioning in the womb to rhythm, sound, and movement. Singing and rocking provide pleasure and security while rhythmical music encourages essential activities. Listening to songs and rhymes stimulates speech and concentration and the use of percussion instruments provides an emotional outlet and helps coordination.

Dance A Baby - 3-6 months
1. This is a variation of an old English rhyme called “Dance a Baby Diddy
2. Hold your baby under her arms and dance her on a soft surface.
3. Say the rhyme and do the actions.

Dance a baby diddy
What can I do widdy
Sit on a lap - put your baby on your lap
And give her a pat - gently pat her cheek
Dance a baby diddy, dance a baby diddy - go back to dancing
4. The connections of the rhythm, movement and bonding make for good brain wiring in the future.

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