Monday, August 29, 2011

Music for Learning

These games will help to grow the brains of infants and toddlers. Whether it’s through singing, dancing, cuddling, rocking, talking, smelling, or tasting, you can encourage the pathways of their brains to make new connections.

Circles and Music
Sit with your baby in your lap facing you.
Take one of his hands and move it around in a circular motion.

As you move it in a circular motion, sing the following to the tune of “In and Out the Window.”
Go round and round the circle
Go round and round the circle
Go round and round the circle
A circle’s very round.

Take the other hand and do the same thing.
Now move both hands at the same time.
Make circles high in the air, sideways, down low, etc.
Play some instrumental music and make the circles as you listen with your baby.
This game is a good prelude for drawing shapes to music.

Song Patting
Try song patting when changing a diaper, giving your child a bath, or any time.
Sing a favorite song to your little one and, at the same time, pat her tummy or back with your index finger to the rhythm of the song.
Always end the song with a snuggly kiss.

You can also sing one line of the song and pat only one word. For example, “Twinkle, twinkle, little (pat the word “star” but don’t sing it).”

This game helps develop a child’s sense of rhythm and listening skills.

Brain research says that for a young child's brain to grow and thrive, the child needs to be loved, held, talked to, read to, and allowed to explore.

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